He is in the part right after his main part as well.

The third graders had a monument museum. They each created a representation of something important to them. Simon chose the Beit Hamikdash – the temple that used to stand in Jerusalem. He wrote that he chose it because it was where the animal sacrifices were done. I have no idea why that is something he considers important!


Finally, we saw the art projects that the third graders created using items from their homes. Simon chose to draw a menorah.

DSC_9553 DSC_9554
He typed this in Hebrew. It says “The Jewish symbol that I chose is a Hanukkiah. This Hanukkiah is from Grandma. The Hanukkiah is white. I like this Hanukkiah because it is pretty.”

The QR code shown brings you to this video:

I liked that this year the program was shorter, but we still got to see what the kids have been working on in class!