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Four Places To Visit In New Jersey

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Four Places To Visit In New Jersey

As you may know, we spent most of the month of June in New Jersey. We were there visiting family and friends and doing some exploring. Dave was working from the NJ office of his company, which left me as the chief child entertainer – not much different from when we are at home! We tried to do something fun just about every day, so we kept pretty busy. I thought I would break up our activities into a series of posts, rather than focusing on one place we visited per each new post. Therefore, today’s topic covers 4 places to visit in New Jersey! (In no particular order!)

Palisades Climb Adventure Ropes Course

Funnily enough, this first location is actually in West Nyack, NY. But if you are in North Jersey like I was, it’s actually closer than some of the places we visited that were IN New Jersey! The Palisades Climb Adventure Ropes Course is in the Palisades Center Mall and includes 75 challenge elements including a tremor bridge, tension traverse, vertical rope ladder, quarter cargo net, two line rope bridge, zip line etc. There is a much smaller course for younger kids, but all three of mine were big enough and brave enough to tackle the main course! (I did have a coupon via Groupon to offset the price).


While in the mall, we also did some shopping and the kids rode the Ferris Wheel!

Liberty Science Center

We visited the Liberty Science Center before and I’m sure we will again as it’s a favorite! This time, we also got in for free with our science center pass. We were there while NJ schools were still in session, so it was quite crowded until around 2 PM when all the school groups left. Then we had the place practically to ourselves!


The Beach

Can’t go to NJ without going to the beach, aka “down the shore”! We chose to visit one of the farthest north of the beaches, Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park in Long Branch. Instead of paying to get on the beach, you pay for parking, but since we were there before the official season began, we did not have to pay at all.


Turtle Back Zoo

Simon and I visited the Turtle Back Zoo just the two of us, as Zachary had already left for camp and Gabbie was visiting Niagara Falls with her grandparents!


Because Simon had me all to himself, when he pointed out that he wanted to ride the peddle boats, I agreed! This lake is outside of the zoo, but located in the same general area.


Have you ever been to any of these NJ locations?