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Four More Places To Visit in New Jersey

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Four More Places To Visit in New Jersey

Two weeks ago I shared Four Places To Visit in New Jersey and today I’m sharing four more!

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Because of Zachary’s 4th grader pass to National Parks and Historic Sites, we made sure to visit a few in NJ. First up was the Thomas Edison National Historical Park in West Orange, NJ, the site of Edison’s laboratory. All three kids liked checking out the cool old machines, but I think Zachary was especially interested, because he loves discovering how things work!


Washington’s Headquarters Museum

On the same day, we used Zachary’s pass again to visit the Washington’s Headquarters Museum in Morristown. This was where George Washington and his troops camped during the Revolutionary War. We checked out the museum and watched a video, plus had a tour of the Ford Mansion, where Washington and his aides stayed.


We also drove to Jockey Hollow, where the troops stayed, but Simon was scared so he didn’t want to march up the hill to the cabins!


The Land of Make Believe

After Zachary left to camp and while Gabbie was away in Canada, Simon and I went to the Land of Make Believe in Hope, NJ. It was an hour away from my in-laws house. On the way there, we realized that Simon had never been to a small amusement park such as this one and he kept asking if it would be like Disney World! The rides and attractions at the Land of Make Believe were perfect for Simon. Zachary might have enjoyed some of them, but I think Gabbie would have felt too old. NOTE: The Land of Make Believe does not accept credit cards other than Discover, so you need to bring cash (or use the ATM) when you visit!

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Van Saun Park

Also while the other kids were away, Simon and I visited Van Saun Park. They all visited previously with their grandparents, but Simon and I wanted to go again. Compared to the Turtle Back Zoo, the Van Saun Park Zoo is not all that exciting. There are other things to do there though including a really nice playground, a small splash pad, and a carousel.


We were about to take a little walk and we ran into my niece and her two kids – Simon’s little cousins. He loved hanging out with them!

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Have you ever been to any of these NJ locations?