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How Long Does LipSense Last?

Thursday, May 11, 2017

How Long Does LipSense Last?

True confession time: I never used to wear makeup. Then I started wearing makeup, but I pretty much always skipped on the lipstick. Why? Because I didn’t like the bother of reapplying it all day long. I’m sure you’ve heard about LipSense by now, and if you’re like me, you may be curious how long this long-lasting lipstick lasts for. So when my new friend Jenni offered me a LipSense starter kit to test it out, I was quick to agree!


Because I’m not used to wearing lipstick, I wanted to go for a subtle color that basically matched my natural lip color. I chose a color called “Apple Cider,” which is a light pink color. Jenni sent me a starter kit, which consists of your lipstick, a gloss, and an oops remover.



Once I received my kit, I was excited to get started. I decided to take photos of myself showing how the lipstick lasted throughout the day.

Just wearing the lipstick before I applied the gloss. I did notice that the lipstick stings a bit when you put it on, and it tastes bitter, but it was not enough that I would not use it.

This is the gloss and how the lipstick looked when first applied. I love how it feels, I love the shine, and I loved the subtle sweet taste and smell – which helped with the lipstick’s bitter taste.

This is a bit later, after I ate lunch. The gloss wore off, but the color did not.

Again, later in the afternoon.

That evening – you may not be able to tell because of the color I chose, but my lips are still pink!

I did not reapply the gloss during the day because I wanted to see how the color lasted without reapplying. Of course, it is meant to be worn with the gloss and if I was going out or seeing anyone, I would have done so!


My conclusion: The color lasts all day long, for real. I definitely will use this lipstick! I want to get a slightly darker, more obvious color as well! How about you? Jenni is excited to work with my readers and is offering a 10% discount off your first purchase during May, with the code SAVEMAY. Also, whoever orders in the month of May will be entered into a drawing for a free gloss ( $20 value). If you’ve never used LipSense before, you can get a Starter Kit like I did for $55, which includes the color of your choice, gloss, and the Oops Remover. Each additional color is $25, and Jenni also has gift certificates available. Contact her at!


Here are Jenni’s in stock colors, subject to change based on her sales of course!


And this limited edition color:


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What color should I order? What color would you order?