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Visiting The Freedom Tower

Thursday, May 12, 2016

When I left off last week, we had finished up at the Statue of Liberty and were headed to NYC. We decided that we would visit the Freedom Tower, also known as One World Observatory. So, we walked there from the ferry drop off point.

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Just a quick stop by the 9/11 Memorial – we had been there in the past as well.

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The trip to the top floor was entertaining – the elevator itself has a show while it goes up, which shows how the city changed over time, and the elevator ride is very quick! Then there is an introduction area where there is a quick movie show on the walls, and then you go into the observatory. The views were great!


We had to wait for the boat back to NJ, so the kids played in a small park for a little while, which was near the water. I just liked how this view looked.


More views of the city as we left:



From the Statue of Liberty to the Freedom Tower, it was a good day!