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Traveling With Kids

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We are so excited we will be In Jersey (as opposed to Not In Jersey) next week! However, I am getting nervous about the traveling part of the trip. I have always said I love traveling, but what I really love is being places, not the process of getting there. And that applies to travel even without kids.

Simon is now 3 months old. The first time we flew with Gabbie, she was 2 months old. The first time we flew with Zachary, he was 2 months old, and Gabbie was 2 years old. So Simon is a month older than the other two were, but now we have 3 of them - and only 2 of us. I am not so concerned about how Simon will do on the plane - I imagine I will just nurse him pretty much the whole flight. However, it will be hard for me to entertain one of the other kids while doing this - we will be sitting in two rows of two seats. Hopefully Gabbie will be able to fend for herself somewhat. I expect Zachary to be unwilling to sit still though!

And then there is the matter of security. This time we are checking bags. It is very difficult to get across an airport with all of our luggage, plus a stroller, plus the kids. Going through the security machines is a pain, you have to take shoes off everyone (remind me not to put Simon's shoes on!), everything out of your pockets and into the bins, coats off, stroller folded, everyone walk across, get all your stuff back together. Add in my newest concern - high radiation special x-ray machines in which our bodies can be seen without clothes - and I am not feeling very happy about this trip!

Luckily, I have much to look forward to when we get there. Food, family, friends, and more food! I need to make a list of restaurants to visit! And I can't wait to see everyone!

So wish us luck!