Not In Jersey: Scenes From NYC–The High Line and 9/11 Museum Scenes From NYC–The High Line and 9/11 Museum - Not In Jersey

Scenes From NYC–The High Line and 9/11 Museum

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Scenes From NYC–The High Line and 9/11 Museum

While we were in NJ for Thanksgiving, we also visited New York City. On Sunday, just Dave and I went while the kids hung out with various family members. On Monday, we all went.

Dave and I visited the High Line, which I also visited on my NYC trip in 2017. It looks a lot different there now in the winter than it did then in the spring – a lot less flowers!


Dave and I went to see the Broadway show Network starring Bryan Cranston, Tatiana Maslany, and Tony Goldwyn. You probably remember I’m a big fan of Tony which is why I wanted to see his play. This is from before the show started:


I did get to meet him after the show! He took the time to talk to me too, which was very cool.

When we went to the city with the kids, we visited the 9/11 Museum. I think Gabbie and Zachary appreciated the museum but it was a little much for Simon. It was difficult to relive the events of the day through the museum.

View from Jersey City, where we got on the train to NYC.

Inside the Oculus.

Outside the Oculus:


The memorial:


Inside the museum:

DSC_9200  DSC_9201

The kids liked writing messages that showed up on this world map.


We spent more time that day in NYC but it was pouring rain and I didn’t take any more pictures!