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Gabbie’s Dance Recital 2018

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


On Sunday, we attended Gabbie’s dance recital. As you know, she has been having competitions where she has performed her solo, but this was the first time we got to see her dances for her tap, ballet, and lyrical classes. There are actually two recitals during the day and the older kids participate in both, while the youngest kids are in one each and the competition team performs their routines in one show each. We attended the 2nd show of the day. I remember when Gabbie was younger, I was slightly bored by the older kids’ routines. This time, it turns out that we knew many of the dancers either from school, our synagogue, or as Gabbie’s dance friends, and we knew at least one (usually more) in each routine. The little kid routines are so funny and cute to watch, and the older kids do a great job with their performances, so I enjoyed watching everything. Plus, Gabbie got to dance 4 times!

First up, her tap class danced to a Michael Jackson mix.



Next was Gabbie’s solo performance. Her song is I Hope You Dance.


Her ballet class danced to Renegade. They had some individual parts and somehow I missed Gabbie’s!


Lastly, her lyrical class performed “Dance Is What We Believe.” It consisted of someone speaking while music played, describing how much the performers love to dance. It was really well done and Dave videoed it, so if you have 2.5 minutes, I highly recommend watching it!


Dance season isn’t over – we have another competition, and a group of the dancers are going to be dancing in Disney World in June. Those dancers were featured in the recital finale while the other classes came out for their bows.


If you missed the video I posted, scroll back up and watch it! I highly recommend it!