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5 Habits That Can Keep Your Child Healthy

Friday, May 11, 2018


Children are so innocent and carefree that they forget about their safety. That is where parents come in to save them from the risks of their surroundings. If you are a concerned parent, then you do understand the importance of keeping your child safe and healthy so that some troublesome disease does not affect him/her. The key is to make sure that your child follows some healthy habits so that there are limited chances of catching a cold or some other disorder. Adding discipline to your kid’s life in his/her at a younger age will give you a sense of relief. That said, here are the habits that your child should follow for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

• Washing hands

Many gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses inflict children due to contact with germs through hands. So, it’s essential that you teach your child to keep his/her hands clean at all times. You may ask them to wash their hands before every meal. Also, sanitizing the hands is essential, whenever they come home from school or playing outside.

• Staying active daily

Your kid should indulge in physical activity every day so that his/her body can retain its flexibility and endurance. A study by researchers noted that children, who were more physically active, caught flu and cold lesser than the ones who avoided such motor activities. You are already aware that exercising the body can help keep it active and avoid medical disorders. Similarly, it applies to your kid as well.

• Getting enough sleep

Make sure that your child sleeps early and gets enough sleep. Lack of sleep can result in various unhealthy habits such as fatigue. Preschoolers require at least 13 hours of sleep every day to maintain a healthy body and mind. Therefore, fix a sleeping schedule for them.

• Teach them not to touch their face often

Many germs and viruses enter the body through the mouth, eyes or nose, so teach your kid to avoid touching his/her face in those places. This task is challenging, but do not give up teaching them this healthy habit. This way you can avoid the need of visiting a doctor often, which can be costly. You may also want to learn about Pediatrician Salary Per Hour.

• Eating healthy
Children love eating junk food, which is fine at their age, as long as they do not overdo it. You need to ensure that they follow a healthy and balanced diet plan with fruits and vegetables. Do not stop them entirely from eating a pizza or a burger. Set up a timetable, which will allow them to consume their favorite meal twice a week. Try preparing such dishes at home for them instead of ordering out.

Your child needs to understand the importance of staying healthy. Teach him the consequences of being careless with the environment. Make sure that you are teaching this practically and calmly without scaring him/her too much. You do not want to leave a traumatic impression on his/her mind for the rest of his/her life. Instead, guide your kid to enjoy without risking his/her body in the process.

This post was written by Bill Clark. Bill is a freelance journalist who specialises in writing about culture and the arts, however will write about anything that piques his interest including business, travel and lifestyle.  He can be reached on Twitter @BilboClark01.