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52 Frames Quarter 1 By The Numbers

Thursday, April 12, 2018


As you know, I’ve been taking part in the 52 Frames Photography Challenge. Every week, we are given a theme to photograph, along with an extra credit topic to go with it. You can join whenever you want, but since I signed up at the beginning of this year, I thought I would divide the year into quarters in order to share the project here. Here’s a look at my photos by the numbers.

Weeks Completed – 13 (Technically 14, but for this post, we’re talking 13!)

Extra Credit Completed – 4

[self portrait – Extra Credit “Imperfection” for being focused on my eye farther from the camera]

[something new – Extra Credit “New Technique” for removing a piece of furniture that was in the background]

[common object – Extra Credit “Product Photography”]

[candid setup – Extra Credit “Story”]

Photos Including People – 4

Photos Taken In My House – 2

Photos Taken In My Backyard – 3



[the sky]

Weeks I Visited Somewhere For the Purpose of Taking the Photo – 4

Weeks I Visited Multiple Locations Trying to Find a Photo – 4

Weeks I Considered the Challenge Difficult – 3

Weeks I Had an Idea in My Mind That Didn’t Quite Work – 2

Weeks That Became A Separate Blog Post – 4
Fort Scott | Abandoned Locations | Love Locks Bridge | Black & White

Things I’ve Learned – 3 (Back Button Focus, Single Point Focus, wider Depth of Field)

Photos Submitted Each Week To This Project – 1000

Photos I Look At Each Week From The Project – 1000

Times I Truly Loved The Photo I Submitted – 3

[leading lines]

[depth of field]

[black & white]

Times Per Week I Ask My Small Group for Advice – At Least 2

Times I Wished I Could Do Better – Too Many To Count

Each week, I’m learning more about photography, my camera, and ways to improve!