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Cuba–Day Three, Viñales

Thursday, September 7, 2017


On our 3rd day in Cuba, we left Havana to see more of the country. Before visiting Cuba, I didn’t realize how big it is! In case you missed it, don’t forget to read about the background of our trip and what we did on days one and two / four!

For our trip out of the city, we chose to visit Viñales Valley. We signed up for a bus trip there at one of the hotels. The bus ride took about 3 hours each way. They did stop at a rest stop along the way.

The first stop on the trip was at the rum factory. It was certainly not very large and was mostly just a sip of rum and a store. The beans below are guava, which they use to make the rum.


This is the street outside the rum factory:


Our next stop was an overlook of the valley, which was very pretty and reminded me of Hawaii. Of course, there were those selling things like a chance to sit on a cow or to listen to their music.


Next, we visited a farm and the farmer there showed us how he rolls cigars. We were also offered to try smoking one, which Dave did and I did not!


Probably the most famous spot in the Viñales Valley is the Mural of Prehistory, which is a mural of a snail, dinosaur, sea monsters, and humans and is meant to represent evolution. It took 18 people 4 years to complete.


Our final stop on the tour was the Cueva del Indio, which is a large cave that you walk through and then continue by boat.


In the area surrounding the cave:


That evening, back in Havana:

DSC_8489  DSC_8490DSC_8491DSC_8492DSC_8493

Dave wanted to watch people fishing at the Malecon for a long time. He also entertained me by speaking in Hebrew to the people who tried to talk to us and play us music so that we would give them money. They usually gave up pretty quickly after not understanding what he was saying!


I was bored so I messed with my camera settings for these photos:


That ends my recap of our trip to Cuba! I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing it along with me.