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Springfield IL: Lincoln Home and More

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Springfield IL: Lincoln Home and More

After we finished checking out Walt Disney’s childhood home town, we drove to and spent the night in Springfield, IL. When we got up in the morning, we were ready to check out someone else’s home town – Abraham Lincoln’s! Since Zachary has a National Parks pass this year because he was in 4th grade, we made sure to visit some National Historic locations on our trip! The Lincoln Home in Springfield is the only home that Lincoln ever owned.


First, you have to get your tour tickets in the visitors’ center, because only a certain amount of people are allowed inside at a time. Luckily the visitors’ center is right there, unlike at Truman’s home where the center and the house are nowhere near each other!


The outside of the house:


Inside the house:


They said the kids entertained themselves looking at pictures through this thingy:


From there, we walked around the town a bit. There is also a Lincoln museum, but we did not have time to check it out.

DSC_7562DSC_7563  DSC_7564DSC_7565

We walked through the old IL State Capitol which is a reconstruction of the capitol building from when Lincoln lived there.

DSC_7567  DSC_7568DSC_7571DSC_7572DSC_7574DSC_7577DSC_7579
This is what happens when I tell my kids to act normal.

Before we left Springfield, we also stopped at Lincoln’s burial site. It is sad to think that Lincoln never returned to his home town.

DSC_7580  DSC_7581DSC_7582

Apparently you are supposed to rub this statue’s nose for good luck!

DSC_7584  DSC_7585
DSC_7586  DSC_7587DSC_7588DSC_7590DSC_7592

From there, it was time to continue our drive on to our next stop! Have you ever visited Lincoln’s home?