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Another Year In The Life

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Today is my birthday! Each year, I like to do a year in review of sorts to celebrate all the wonderful moments that made up my year. Because a year is made up of 525,600 moments after all.

School and Activity Memories

1. Gabbie’s Civil War Play

2. Gabbie and Simon’s Winter Showcase

DSCN4138  DSCN4360

3. Zachary’s Native American Fair

4. Pinewood Derby

5. Simon’s Turn With Mr. Bear (2nd turn, 3rd turn)


6. 5th Grade Opera

7. Hiking With the Cub Scouts

8. Performance Team Dance (and another)

9. Simon’s 100th Day of Kindergarten

10. Science Fair

DSCN4690  DSCN4810

11. Simon’s Melaveh Malkah Performance

12. Reading Fair

13. Dance Recital

14. Graduations

DSCN6080  DSCN6124DSCN6162

15. Camp

16. Theatre In The Park

17. First Day of School

Holiday and Birthday Memories

1. Thanksgiving


2. Hanukkah

3. Purim

4. Gabbie’s Birthday

5. Passover

6. Zachary’s Birthday

7. Gabbie’s Birthday Party

DSCN6180  DSCN6185

8. Memorial Day / Father’s Day

9. 4th of July

10. Simon’s Birthday

11. Simon’s Birthday Party

DSC_0705  DSC_1785

12. Rosh Hashanah

13. Sukkot

Travel Memories

1. Winter Break in Florida


2. Passover In New York / New Jersey

3. Atlanta

4. South Carolina

5. Reynolds, Lake Oconee, GA


6. Wisconsin

7. Iowa

8. Block Island


9. St. Louis

10. Omaha

Adventure Memories

1. Truman Library and Museum

2. Valley Park

DSCN4757  DSCN4804

3. Royals Game

4. LEGO KidsFest

5. Farms and City KC

6. Just Keep Swimming


7. Mommy Camp Summer Adventures

8. Kansas City Murals

9. Sunflower Field

10. Apple Picking

11. Pumpkin Patch


12. Fall Fun Adventures

Wishing everyone reading many wonderful moments in the year to come.