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March In Review

Thursday, March 31, 2016

It is once again surprising that we are at the end of another month. Now that spring is coming, it feels like the school year is almost over. Here are some of this month’s highlights.

2.5 Days off of school:

On the first, we went to the swimming pool and Simon had a play date. The half was for Purim and the 2nd whole day off was for conferences.


2 Sick Days:

One each for Gabbie and Zachary.

2 Places Visited:

1 Other Cub Scout Meeting.

3 Nights Gabbie spent away from home.

3 Nights Dave was away from home.

1 Holiday Celebrated:

2 Performances and 1 Open House:

23 Total Blog Posts.
4 Books Reviewed.
2 Posts About TV / Movies.
2 Fashion Show Posts.
1 Link Up For This Post:

It was not a very busy month, but we had a good time!