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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We Went to Cozumel

Our second stop on our Disney Cruise was in Cozumel, Mexico. Cozumel is an island known for diving and snorkeling, but we’d covered the sea life part of the trip in Grand Cayman, so we arrived in Cozumel without specific plans. In the morning, Dave and I ventured off of the ship with just Simon, leaving the other kids in the kids’ club on board. We wanted to see what was out there before taking the kids with us, but Simon didn’t want to go to the kids’ club, so he stayed with us.

DSCN7597  DSCN7598DSCN7599  DSCN7600DSCN7601  DSCN7602DSCN7604

We walked around a bit and Simon fell asleep. We decided to hire a taxi driver to take us around the island and check out the beach later that afternoon. The first stop our driver brought us to was a tequila factory, where we were taught how tequila is made. Then they wanted us to buy some, but we didn’t.

DSCN7605DSCN7606  DSCN7608DSCN7609  DSCN7610

Then it was on to the beach. I hadn’t wanted to spend very much time at the beach, but the water felt great and the kids love playing in the sand, so we probably could have stayed longer than we did!

DSCN7613DSCN7614DSCN7615DSCN7617  DSCN7618DSCN7619DSCN7620DSCN7621DSCN7622  DSCN7623DSCN7624DSCN7625DSCN7628DSCN7627  DSCN7629DSCN7630DSCN7631  DSCN7632DSCN7633  DSCN7634DSCN7635DSCN7636  DSCN7637DSCN7638DSCN7639  DSCN7641DSCN7642  DSCN7643DSCN7646DSCN7652

The next stop was this little shop where I assume our driver would have gotten a commission had we bought anything.

DSCN7656DSCN7657  DSCN7658DSCN7659

Instead, the big kids and Dave decided to walk to this Mexican flag.

DSCN7661DSCN7662  DSCN7663DSCN7664DSCN7665DSCN7666DSCN7668

Next we stopped at a small area of Mayan ruins.

DSCN7669  DSCN7670

And then back to the port. In case you were curious, there’s a Starbucks there.


And that concludes our trip to Mexico! I’ve been to Baja before, so it technically wasn’t my first time in the country, but it’s still fun to say we’ve been! Have you?


Janine Huldie said...

The beach looks amazing to me right now, considering it is not even 15 degrees here right now. But looked like so much fun and loved seeing your kids playing in the sand :)

tamarsb said...

Isn't Cozumel so gorgeous! We did a horseback ride there in the jungle and saw ancient ruins! I wish I had been to the beach there (and today - its -15 now!!)

Sara said...

It looks like you had the beach to yourselves. Love all the beach shots. I have only been to Mexico once and it was to Cancun for spring break. Besides shopping one day we basically just drank and danced. No touristy stuff at all. I would like to go to. Cozumel to see the ruins.

What the Schneck - the blog said...

I love Cozumel! I've been there probably 10 times - we usually do an all inclusive beach day (drinks and food on the beach with some fun beach type activities) place and hang out on the beach and drink (too much) and have a great time. They even have a ton for kids to do too! Cozumel is probably my favorite cruise shop port :) (well for the ones I frequent often, nothing tops Dunns River Falls in Jamaica but I've only been there once)

Alex said...

There was no Starbucks last time we were there. Hubs will be happy to hear that!
When we visited Cozumel, we took a cooking class at an all inclusive resort. We didn't take the kids and had such a blast. I can't wait to go back! Your beach photos are gorgeous!

Dara said...

it was really nice. I'm sorry it's so cold by you! it's pretty cold here too!

Dara said...

it was really nice!

Dara said...

there were a few others there. I think it was more of a locals beach than a tourist beach, but I'm not sure!

Dara said...

I think we decided the beach excursion was too expensive. it does sound like fun though!

Dara said...

that sounds like a fun excursion!

Natasha Peter said...

Oh wow! It looks like you had such a great vacation! I haven't been to Mexico yet, but it's definitely on my to-do list!

Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

What an amazing vacation -- I love those pics of Gabi in the air!!!


Kimberley Tobin said...

That sand looks so perfect!

Dara said...

it was! really soft and warm!

Holly Higgins said...

The Starbucks is a new addition since I was there haha. I would've loved it! We had a beach day in Cozumel too. It was our last port before coming back to the US and it was so nice to just be able to relax!

Ashley @twynmawrmom said...

Oh I was curious if they let you leave the kids on the cruise ship while you are at port. We have only been with extended family, so if my husband I went diving, we left the kids with them on board. Good to know! We love Cozumel, although it took us 30 minutes to get out of the cruise terminal/mall hazard! ;)