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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We Went On A Disney Cruise

We did it! We fulfilled one of my dreams – a Disney Cruise as a family. We sailed on the Disney Wonder from 1/10-15/2014. We left from Miami and traveled to Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico. I will be sharing some of the highlights of our cruise with you over a few posts, and I will follow up with my personal Disney Cruise tips! Today’s post is about the ship itself!

DSCN7308  DSCN7309
These big portholes are in the hallway and we enjoyed looking out of them.

Fruit carving on the first day.

Our room – “master bedroom” area

DSCN7319  DSCN7320
Our bed / Little Mermaid statue in the lobby

DSCN7326  DSCN7312
Slide in the kids’ area / Slide by the pool

The Mickey Pool

DSCN7332DSCN7361  DSCN7372DSCN7380
One of our towel animals – they do this every evening

DSCN7377  DSCN7384
One of the hallways in the ship / The Golden Mickeys show

Our ship with tenders going back and forth to Grand Cayman

DSCN7466  DSCN7560
Ship name / Ariel mural inside the ship

DSCN7569  DSCN7570
Views from our veranda

Dave and the kids on deck

Mickey Pool from above

Views of the ship and the water.

This was just a taste and I have much more to share, so don’t forget to visit again!


Tamara Bowman said...

Sigh. Look at that warm sun! I can't imagine. It's four degrees here today. And that's as a high.
I can't wait for our trip!! The cruise just looks like a giant, floating building of fun!

Desiree @ Macke Monologues said...

I've only been on one cruise, and it wasn't Disney. I've just added this to my bucket list. It looks AWESOME!!!

Tracie S said...

sooo much fun! It looks beautiful and like the kids had a great time!

Amber said...

I hope we can go on a Disney Cruise one day. That looks like a blast.

Breenah said...

Love the picture of Dave and the kids in the deck chairs!

Kimberley Tobin said...

Aaaaahhh I love it!!! I can't wait to see more!!

Dara said...

yeah, I love that one too!

Dara said...

you'll be there soon enough! (hope it's warm in orlando!)

Dara said...

if you like Disney and you like cruises, you'd love it!

Dara said...

they did!

Dara said...

I hope you can too!

Dara said...

me too, that's one of my faves!

Dara said...

you will see more sooon!

Holly Higgins said...

Ooh! You had a veranda room! A and I keep saying that the next time we go on a cruise, we are so getting a room like this.

Dara said...

yeah! it was our first veranda. Dave and I have only done inside cabins before! for us to fit in with the kids, we would have needed two rooms, or this veranda room, which is technically a suite. it cost less to get the one!

Leslie said...

I've been pricing out cruises and I blame you! lol. I love all of the little mermaid touches!

Melissa Lea-Wood said...

oh my goodness that is awesome!!! What a great holiday.

Dara said...

haha, hope you find a good deal!

Dara said...

thanks, it was great!

Dara said...

it was definitely a nice change weather wise!

Pamela said...

Love it! I'm a huge Little Mermaid fan so that mural was just breathtaking 😍

Dara said...

me too!

What the Schneck - the blog said...

Are you going to post about the fish extenders?

Dara said...

do you mean what we received in them? I did post about what I gave out, but not yet what we got. I think I'll be including that in a post next week!

Ashley @twynmawrmom said...

Ahhh...I could look at Disney Cruise photos all day ;)