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December Instagram Wrap Up

Monday, December 30, 2013

Time for another Instagram wrap up post. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen these pictures already, but I like to post them here because they are the quick snap shots of my life! (If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you can, here.)

2013-11-27_1385567746  2013-11-28_13856519152013-11-28_1385672827  2013-11-28_1385678850
1. Simon making a Hanukkah picture. 2. Simon coloring. 3. Dreidels. 4. Our countdown chalkboard.

2013-12-03_1386101995  2013-12-03_13861091202013-12-06_1386291987  2013-12-08_1386469444
1. Simon with his new Bingo game. 2. Simon waiting outside for Gabbie and Zachary. 3. Gabbie’s new robe. 4. Dinner.

2013-12-09_1386561733  2013-12-09_13866010632013-12-10_1386699913  2013-12-12_1386874474
1. One of my favorite Scandal scenes. 2. Simon waiting for his ride to school. 3. Drinking something other than Starbucks. 4. Me and Simon.

2013-12-15_1387148783  2013-12-17_13873114052013-12-18_1387407403  2013-12-19_1387413516
1. Sunset. 2. Simon and the Neverland Pirates…he wore this hat everywhere for a few days, but really it’s for Pirate Night on the Cruise! 3. Gabbie at dance. 4. Zachary building.

2013-12-20_1387557668  2013-12-20_13875579992013-12-22_1387747344  2013-12-22_1387747931
1. & 2. Zachary at Chuck E. Cheese. 3. & 4. Our penguin friends at the zoo.

2013-12-22_1387747950  2013-12-22_13877486462013-12-23_1387761703  2013-12-26_1388018837
1. & 2. More penguins. 3. The Plaza. 4. Lights at someone's house.

Watching the Downton Abbey Christmas Special…I wasn’t that impressed. Did anyone else watch it??


Janine Huldie said...

Another show I just don't watch and was never able to get into,because I just can't seem to find any more time to watch my DVR. Last night no joke, I finally was catching up on an episode of the Sean Hayes Show from before Thanksgiving. But anyways, loved looking back on this past month even though I do totally follow you on Instagram :)

tamarsb said...

I love me some Downton! I am rewatching the end of last season ahead of the new one starting here next week!

Leslie said...

I can't wait for the new season of Downton!!!! I missed a lot of your pics this month or I have a really bad memory. lol.

Dara said...

I watched this new season online!

Dara said...

too many shows, too little time!

Dara said...

I totally watched this season online. glad I shared the photos again since you missed them on instagram, lol!

Dara said...

I totally watched this season online. I'm glad I posted this since you missed many of them on instagram! lol.