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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

After we left Orlando, we headed to Tampa, FL. Dave works out of an office of his company in Tampa and we have actually traveled with him to Tampa a few times prior, so I’m starting to feel like an expert on things to do with kids in Tampa! This time we hit up some old favorites as well as some new places.

The Tampa Aquarium is one that we have repeatedly visited over the years. This was at least our 4th time there. In the summer, there is a water splash area outside as well, which we really enjoy.


We also really like the Lowry Park Zoo, but this time we didn’t visit it. I think the kids were just too tired! Instead, we checked out a local park and then the Zephyrhills Spray Ground.


Another place we enjoy in Tampa is the Children’s Museum. The first time I visited the museum it was in a completely different location and was much smaller. Now the museum is great! with multiple levels and things to do. The only problem is the size – I went to find Simon in one area and Zachary ended up lost and talking to the staff before I was able to attract his attention to where I was! He was pretty upset at me! Both times I’ve been to the new museum, we visited with my friend and her two boys. However, with the kids all going in different directions it is hard to stay together!


On our last day in Tampa, we only had a half a day and my friend suggested we check out Lettuce Lake Park. We did and really enjoyed it! We walked along the boardwalk and met a man who showed us two alligators lounging in the lake. Then we looked for and found two geocaches. We also played at the playground for a little while before the kids were ready to head back.

The alligators are in the top right and center bottom pictures


Of course, there is always swimming in the hotel pool! I wasn’t able to swim the whole time we were in Florida due to my healing wound, but Dave took the kids, plus one afternoon I sat on the steps of the pool with the kids and they were able to play in the water with me there. (Gabbie can swim, the boys don’t). That day, Simon called all the bugs in the pool his “bug friends” and when an older teenaged boy said hello to him he said “are you my friend?”


Have you ever tagged along with your spouse on a business trip? If so, did you find a lot to do with your kids?

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