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Our Tour of the Weather Channel

Monday, July 1, 2013

When we left for our road trip just over one month ago, we left on a Thursday in the early afternoon. First we stopped in St. Louis for dinner. Then we drove on to Paducah, KY where we stayed overnight. In between St. Louis and Paducah we drove through some pretty bad thunderstorms complete with blinding downpours and hail. These storms were apropos, being that our destination the following afternoon (after stopping in Nashville at Opry Mills Mall) was the Weather Channel in Atlanta!


My brother, known on TV as Mark Elliot, works at the Weather Channel and offered us a tour of the building!

Waiting for Uncle Mark to arrive for our tour.

Working on the weather.

Severe Storm Central

When you stand in front of the camera, you appear on this TV. This is my brother!

Me, Dave, and Zachary pretending to be weather people.

Mark explaining how things work.

People studying weather.

The Tornado Hunt desk. Ironically, this very night was when the Weather Channel’s Tornado Hunt Vehicle was picked up by a tornado in Oklahoma.

More pretending to be on TV.

This is Dr. Greg Forbes, the severe weather expert. We got to watch him to a live report! When he was done, I applauded, but no one else did!

My brother, me, and the kids!

My brother was working that night, so we left him there and headed to his house, where we hung out with my sister-in-law and their two dogs! We stayed overnight and got to spend more time with my brother before he returned to work that evening.

After our second night in Atlanta, we headed out early to Orlando! Disney here we come!

Do you watch the Weather Channel? Have you ever seen my brother reporting? If not, you should look for him. Also, watch this video!