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Flashback Feature #29–Our Big Road Trip

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just about three years ago, I was pregnant with Simon and not so well-balanced. I fell down some stairs outside my friend’s house and broke my ankle. Not my best moment for sure! Luckily it wasn’t a bad break and I didn’t even need a cast. It hurt a lot at first, and I had to learn how to use crutches! We had been planning a road trip for the week after I fell and we made the decision to go anyway! We borrowed a wheelchair and arranged the van so that I sat in the backseat with my foot elevated. We had a good time even with my ankle being broken! So for today’s Flashback Feature, here are our road trip pictures!

Our first stop was the Omaha Zoo. I highly recommend it!

There’s my wheelchair. Dave pushed me with Zachary in my lap!

Good night, South Dakota!

Next stop: Mitchell, SD – The Corn Palace.

Oh wow, Zachary actually used to smile for pictures!

After that, we stopped in the Badlands. It was beautiful, but of course I was stuck near the car with my ankle.


Our next destination was Wall Drug in Wall, SD. Roadside attraction at its best!

IMG_2535IMG_2536IMG_2537IMG_2539IMG_2540IMG_2541IMG_2542IMG_2543IMG_2544IMG_2545IMG_2546  IMG_2548
All of this was in the backyard of Wall Drug.

After spending a good amount of time there, we continued on to our last SD destination:

Yes we did wear winter jackets at the end of May!

Mt. Rushmore is lovely at night, but even cooler in the day!

IMG_2560IMG_2561IMG_2562IMG_2563IMG_2564  IMG_2567

After Mt. Rushmore, we headed south, through Wyoming.

Oh look, a buffalo.

And a rainbow!

I didn’t take many pictures in Wyoming. We stayed the night there, but headed to Colorado the next morning. I am not really sure where these pictures are from, but there was definitely snow!

3 years later, Zachary still sleeps with the same Mickey Mouse.

This is the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It was so pretty there.

IMG_2594  IMG_2595IMG_2596IMG_2597

We also checked out the Air Force Academy and took the Cog Railway up Pikes Peak.

At that point, I could honestly blame how fat I look on being pregnant!


The pictures of the later part of this trip were from Dave’s phone. I think my camera battery died or something. The last place we visited was Denver. There was an arts festival going on and we navigated by wheelchair!


On our way back Kansas, we visited some rodeo ground of some sort, and a super fast merry-go-round in a little town…The Kit Carson Carousel in Burlington, CO! Hooray to Google Maps for finding it for me!


That night we stayed in Hays, KS. We visited the Museum of Natural History there the next day. If my camera hadn’t been dead, there would have been many more pictures to share. Our final stop was the zoo in Salina, KS! (Of course, we started with a zoo and ended with a zoo!)

We have fun adventures whether we need wheelchairs or not!

Ever been to any of these places?