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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Flashback Feature #27–Dance Recitals

As I’ve mentioned a bunch of times before, Gabbie is very much into dancing and is completing her fourth year of dance this year. This coming Sunday is her recital and you can expect a post all about it next week! Today, I’d like to share her dance recital pictures from the past few years.

2010 – Ballet and Tap – 5 years old – Pre-K

2011 – Ballet and Tap – 6 years old – Kindergarten
IMG_4591IMG_4592IMG_4598IMG_4599Image2Image5  Image10Image12

2012 – Jazz – 7 years old – 1st Grade
IMG_0414IMG_0416Image1  Image2Image4  Image5Image6  Image7Image8  Image10Image9

I’m very proud of my little dancer and can’t wait to watch her recital this Sunday!

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Breenah said...

Oh my goodness, she's tiny now, but she was itsy bitsy at 5! So adorable! Every time you post pictures of your kiddos, I just want to meet you all more and more! Is that weird? :D

I'm hoping to put Quinn in dance, but because of vacation this fall, we might have to wait until next year.

Munchkins and the Military said...

That's fantastic that she's stuck with it for long! Those photos are absolutely adorable!

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

Oh my goodness, Gabbie is so cute in these pictures. I really hope that Violet finds an activity like Gabbie has that she loves.

Lindsay said...

She is SO absolutely adorable! What a smile, aww!

My little sister -- now 16 -- started dancing when she was around Gabbie's age. At her age now while other teenagers are acting out and being generally unpleasant, dance is still her life and her #1 focus. It's been really cool to watch her grow as a dancer, from it being just a little kid hobby to a true passion!

Tamar SB said...

I was a dancer until the middle of college! So so so adorable!

Chag sameach, too!

Holly Higgins said...

I took tap, jazz and ballet from 1st-8th grade. I so remember those photos my mom took of me :-) I really hope Cecily will want to do dance when she's old enough!

Ashley Markowski said...

Thank you for linking-up!

Your little girl is just darling!
and she is so stinking tiny. OMGSH.
I can't wait to see her new recital pictures.