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Flashback Feature #27–Dance Recitals

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

As I’ve mentioned a bunch of times before, Gabbie is very much into dancing and is completing her fourth year of dance this year. This coming Sunday is her recital and you can expect a post all about it next week! Today, I’d like to share her dance recital pictures from the past few years.

2010 – Ballet and Tap – 5 years old – Pre-K

2011 – Ballet and Tap – 6 years old – Kindergarten
IMG_4591IMG_4592IMG_4598IMG_4599Image2Image5  Image10Image12

2012 – Jazz – 7 years old – 1st Grade
IMG_0414IMG_0416Image1  Image2Image4  Image5Image6  Image7Image8  Image10Image9

I’m very proud of my little dancer and can’t wait to watch her recital this Sunday!

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