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Flashback Feature #22–Israel Part 1

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Flashback Feature Series has been on hiatus the past two weeks due to Passover. But now it’s back! This month I’ll be sharing my family’s trip to Israel which was two years ago in April of 2011. Simon was 7 months old, Zachary was 3.5 and Gabbie was 6. We went for Passover and visited Dave’s sister and family, who moved to Israel in 2009. There are a lot of photos – hopefully they will be interesting and enjoyable!

Simon at the airport. We left on April 14 and this was Simon’s official 7 month old photo.

Our first official stop of the trip was the Old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall – or Kotel. This is the most holy place for Jewish people. The Old City is all stones and beautiful!


Eating in Israel is the best!


These are my kids with 2 of my nephews.

Following my nephew down the street.

Another nephew.

A constant source of entertainment:
IMG_4214  IMG_4215IMG_4218  IMG_4219

It is a joke that if you ask an Israeli for directions, they say to go “straight, straight, straight.” Well, the GPS said it too.IMG_4223

We visited “Genesis Land” which is a reenactment type place about how life was in the times of the Torah. We went with my in-laws and 3 of our nephews.

We got to ride camels!

We sat in a tent and learned about Abraham.IMG_4235IMG_4238IMG_4241IMG_4243IMG_4244

The view of the desert:

2nd camel ride – Zachary and me!

Next we visited the Dead Sea.
IMG_4255IMG_4256IMG_4260IMG_4261IMG_4262IMG_4263IMG_4266IMG_4267IMG_4269IMG_4270  IMG_4273IMG_4272IMG_4274IMG_4275IMG_4276IMG_4277

What do you think so far? Want to see more? Every Tuesday this month will feature pictures from our trip to Israel!