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Gabbie’s Chag Chumash

Friday, February 8, 2013

Last night was Gabbie’s Chag Chumash. This means she received her first Chumash – which is the printed Torah in a book form. (Hilariously enough, if you search Google for “Chumash,” most of the results are about the Native American Chumash people. Not related.) Chag actually means holiday, so for the 2nd grade class, this was their Chumash holiday! They did a presentation which was almost entirely in Hebrew and then the families came up and presented their son or daughter with their Chumash.

DSCN2012This is a picture of Gabbie holding her Chumash. In Hebrew, she has written “Here is me and my Chumash. I am happy to receive a new Chumash. I want to read from the Chumash to mom and dad.”

Gabbie is apparently the tallest girl in her class! She is on the top left corner.

Singing in the show!

This was Gabbie’s first solo part. (I videoed the actual speaking, so this was before she started)

I guess this part was funny!

Gabbie’s second speaking part was along with her 3 best friends!

After they received their books.

A proud little brother.

The inside.  The note on the right was written by me. “Dear Gabriella, We are so proud of you that you learned to read and learn Chumash. It is amazing that you can understand the words of the Torah. You have learned so much this year and now that you have your own Chumash we are sure you will learn even more. Thank you for being a sweet and caring daughter and big sister. We love you! Mommy, Daddy, Zachary, and Simon.”

One of the decorations.

Proud Mommy.

DSCN2045  DSCN2047
Gabbie’s teachers.

Gratuitous picture of Simon. He was a bit of a talker during the show. I hope he didn’t annoy anyone other than me. He kept saying he wanted go to up on the stage. Good thing he didn’t!

Congrats to all the 2nd graders and their families!

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