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Friday, July 20, 2012


My brother is getting married in October (yay!) and I’ve begun thinking about buying a dress to wear. Today was the last day of camp and therefore my last day without kids for awhile, so I went to Nordstrom to try on dresses. The good news is I didn’t look awful in the dresses I tried. The bad news is I definitely have a fit problem. I need quite a large size in order to fit my chest, but I am short. I really liked this dress:

but it didn’t fit correctly in the chest. They suggested ordering (which would require buying) it in a regular size rather than petite, so hopefully the chest would lie as it is supposed to, but then it would be about 6 inches too long on me! I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy it before I saw it on, although I was assured I could return it, I just couldn’t decide.

I see now that this same dress comes in a shorter version, which would solve the problem of needing it altered, I could order that one to try in the larger size but I am still not sure!


I liked this one, though I wasn’t sure about the neckline:

It is a Suzi Chin dress. I see that Suzi Chin dresses are available at for super cheap! Maybe I should just order one on there?

My favorite that I tried on was this one:


It fit and looked good. Only it costs $328.

My plan was to search for the dresses I like on ebay and order them for less money, but I’m not finding the correct sizes on there yet. So for now I’m just obsessing!