My Favorite Scan­dal Scene

Episode: 2x19 Sev­en Fifty-Two

What It Was About: “A heav­i­ly-beard­ed home­less man gives a smart­ly-dressed woman some help­ful infor­ma­tion as she waits for her train at the sta­tion. The grate­ful com­muter offers to buy the guy a cof­fee if he’s going to be there the next day. He will be. This scruffy-look­ing, sad-eyed fel­low is there every day. This is Huck five years ago. This is how he exist­ed before he met that woman who offered him that cof­fee. This is what he was before he met Olivia Pope.”

Why I Love It: It was hard for me to choose a 3rd favorite episode because there are so many with worth­while moments and scenes in them. How­ev­er, this episode was heart­break­ing­ly mov­ing and when I first watched it I was real­ly drawn to the flash­back scenes about Huck and his fam­i­ly. There is also the 2nd of 2 times that Olivia admits to Fitz that she loves him, while she’s in the hos­pi­tal and he comes to her, apol­o­giz­ing for hurt­ing her and admit­ting she is every­thing to him.

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Do you love cer­tain episodes more than oth­ers of your favorite TV show? Have I con­vinced any­one to start watch­ing Scan­dal yet?