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Kansas Largest Easel and Sternberg Museum

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Kansas Largest Easel and Sternberg Museum

The last day of our road trip had us driving from Colorado to Kansas – and then all the way through Kansas to where we live. It’s a long and somewhat boring drive, so we broke it up with a stop in Hays at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History. We’ve actually been there before, on a previous drive from Colorado back home, Gabbie was there on a school trip, and Zachary will be there on a school trip this year as well!

Before the museum though, I wanted to stop at a location I found on the Roadside America website – I love that site for finding random roadside attractions! The World’s Largest Easel is in Goodland, KS and features a Van Gogh inspired sunflowers painting. Van Gogh is my favorite and I love sunflowers!

Can you spot Simon? That’s how big it is!

There was a guest book to sign and a geocache nearby as well.

The museum in Hays kept us busy for a short stop, and could have lasted longer if we had the time.


The kids especially enjoy the Discovery Rooms that some of these museums have, where they can measure things and open drawers to find things, etc.


In the entry hall is this large spider with a photo opportunity and the boys had a lot of fun with it! See if you can spot Zachary’s random body parts in these pictures!


That concludes our trip to Yellowstone and beyond! Thanks for following along!