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Convenient Side Dish Grilling With Cave Tools

Monday, July 16, 2018

Convenient Side Dish Grilling With Cave Tools

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Summer time is grilling time, am I right?

I know I have a lot of blog friends who agree! I just love having grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and steak for dinners on Sundays. Have you ever wanted to make some side items for your dinner but don’t feel like turning on your oven or bothering with your stove? The Cave Tools BBQ Grill Pan is a stainless steel grilling tray with a slotted side and a griddle side so you can cook your sides right on top of your grill!


The slots allow the BBQ flavors and smoke to come through the grill pan while grease falls through. The griddle side is perfect for sides like peppers, onions, asparagus, and other vegetables that might sometimes fall through your grill grates. As you can see here, we chose to fry eggs on the griddle side – I just love eggs on my burgers! Grilled tomatoes and onions would have been a good choice too. Dave also grilled some jalapeƱo peppers for his burger!

And we also made fries without using our oven! I loved that we could do it all in one place.

You can find this grill pan on Amazon or directly from Cave Tools – use the code GRILLPAN15 for 15% off!

What do you like to eat as BBQ sides or on top of your burgers?