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What’s Up Wednesday–June

Wednesday, June 27, 2018



The first month of summer has passed us by already! We had a busy one with swim practice, a week of camp, and a 9 day trip to Florida! Here’s what we’ve been up to!

1. What We’re Eating This Month…

Basically every day on our trip we ate tuna fish sandwiches and deli sandwiches – ooh, fun! Now that we’re back, I’ve been thinking we should instate a meal schedule like Jaclyn. We already have pizza every Thursday and taco Tuesday can definitely work, so what should we have on Monday and Wednesday?

2. What I’m Reminiscing About…

All throughout Disney World we would reminisce about past trips, remembering the fun we’ve had in the past. Now, we have to reminisce about this trip! I’m starting to edit the photos and hopefully will post about it soon.

3. What I’m Loving…

I think I took a lot of good pictures on the trip and I decided to purchase Lightroom so I can edit them better. I hope I can figure it out! Here are my last 5 photos for 52 Frames.

[true black and white + extra credit – true selective color]



[100 steps from your door]


4. What We’ve Been Up To…

Zachary attended 2 swim meets and 2 camps. Gabbie attended one camp and Simon attended two as well. We celebrated Zachary’s birthday and did a few things around town. We spent 9 days in Florida – 3 in Tampa and the rest in Orlando!


5. What I’m Dreading…

Dave is traveling a lot this summer! He’s still in Florida now and he’ll be away two weeks in a row later on!

6. What I’m Working On…

All the laundry and unpacking and photo editing! I prefer the photos but the laundry has to be done!

7. What I’m Excited About…

I always enjoy July 4, so I’ll say I’m excited about that day!

8. What I’m Watching / Reading…

I started watching Younger and I’m on season 3. It’s such a fun show!

As usual, you can see my latest book reviews here.

9. What I’m Listening To…

Gabbie has been ruling the car radio lately so it’s top 40 most of the time.

10. What I’m Wearing…

Shorts and t-shirts, nothing too exciting!

11. What I’m Doing This Weekend…

Simon has a birthday party on Sunday. Other than that, nothing much!

12. What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month…

More fun camps for the kids!

13. What Else Is New…

Our friends are in town from Florida and we get to see them tomorrow night!

What’s up with you lately?