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Harlem Globetrotters Game

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Harlem Globetrotters Game

I always thought it would be fun to see the Harlem Globetrotters play basketball and I recently got my chance! They are more a comedy act than a basketball team, known for their ball handling wizardry, slam dunks, trick shots, and fan interaction, and thanks to US Family Guide, we took the boys to see them play the Washington Generals.


The game moves quicker than a regular basketball game so no one got bored. Simon in particular thought they were hilarious! This player was demonstrating his backwards kneeling shot and his from the stands shot!


There was always a lot going on during the game.


People sitting on the court side were brought onto the court to participate.


There was some basketball playing but there was a lot of showiness!


I thought the mascot was pretty cute.


More gaming and fun with the audience:


There was a group who did jumps and flips which was my favorite part.


Here’s one of the players on top of the basket!


And also in the basket.


There was a sequence with a beach ball where they pretended to play in slow motion.


The Globetrotters won, of course!


Overall, it was a fun time, especially for the young kids. Have you ever seen a Globetrotters Game? If not, or if you want to go again, you can SAVE 25% for ALL Harlem Globetrotters Games with promo code FUNFAM!