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Simon’s Chag Chumash

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Two weeks ago, Simon and his class had their big 2nd grade event in which they each received their own chumash, which is the Torah in printed form. The class puts on a presentation in which most of the parts and all of the songs are in Hebrew. Simon had one of the opening parts where he welcomed the audience.


Then the rest of the class joined on the stage for the performance.


The class is really large so it was hard to get them all in one picture!


We went up as a family to hand Simon his book. They took pictures of us but I haven’t seen them yet!


He was very proud of himself!


Inside the cover is a note from the parents to the child. I actually helped out with designing and gluing in the notes and photos.


The kids designed their covers themselves.


Here are Simon and his Hebrew teachers!


Each time Simon has a school event I find myself thinking about how it is our last one! For a look back, here is Zachary’s Chag Chumash and here is Gabbie’s!