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Another Year In The Life

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Tomorrow is my birthday! Each year, I like to do a year in review to look back at all the wonderful moments that made up my year. Because a year is made up of 525,600 moments after all.

This year, there are 40 memorable moments (or trips or activities, etc) in honor of the age I am turning plus one for good luck!

1. Zachary’s Salute To The USA Program

2. Louisville Slugger

3. Kentucky

4. Thanksgiving in Atlanta


5. Gabbie’s Winter Showcase

6. Adventure Science Center

7. Disney – First Day, Magic Kingdom Part 1, Magic Kingdom Part 2, Epcot Part 1, Epcot Part 2, Epcot Part 3


8. Florida – Beach, Wildlife

9. Hanukkah (Part 2)

10. Proud Mom Moments

11. Purim


12. Simon’s Chag Siddur

13. Gabbie’s Bat Mitzvah


14. Kansas City Walls

15. Spring Break

16. Royals Baseball

17. My Day With The Scandal Cast


18. New York City (Part 2)

19. Gabbie’s Dance Recital

20. Visit to Walt Disney’s Childhood Home Town

21. Springfield, IL

22. Chicago (MOSI)

23. Zachary’s Birthday


24. Cleveland

25. New York City (with the kids)

26. Jewish Children’s Museum

27. New Jersey (Part 2)

28. Cuba (Part 2, Part 3)


29. NYC Science Museums

30. Road Trip Back From NJ (and West Virginia Botanic Gardens)

31. Sea World and San Diego

32. Chicago

33. Gabbie’s Dance Photos


34. St. Louis

35. Stadium Tours

36. Simon’s Birthday


37. Back To School

38. The Solar Eclipse

39. Omaha

40. Sukkot and Pumpkin Patch Visit

Here’s to another year full of memorable moments!