Not In Jersey: Hooray, It’s Friday! An App, a Card, a Mug, and Simon Hooray, It’s Friday! An App, a Card, a Mug, and Simon - Not In Jersey

Hooray, It’s Friday! An App, a Card, a Mug, and Simon

Friday, October 20, 2017


Time for another Friday recap post! It’s been awhile because we had a few holidays that had me offline on Fridays over the past few weeks!


Someone in my house decided to share the app Cross Stitch World with our family. Now we are all addicted! It’s totally mindless, basically like color by number, but I can’t seem to stop playing it. You can even upload your own photo and fill it in with color. I did this one:




A few weeks ago, Shutterfly offered 10 free cards, so I decided to upload one of my own images and have it made into a card. I love how they turned out! I really want to send cards to a few people, so if you email me your address, I’ll mail you one! This is my original photo:



My very good friend noticed my photos of my Rae Dunn mugs and told me she has seen them by her. She found one and sent it to me! I love it!

(I might have to retake this photo with coffee in the cup…)


Yesterday before school, Simon wanted me to take his picture. His face is completely better from his fall a few weeks ago. The scab on his lip only took a week to come off and look as good as new. He had his chipped tooth fixed on Tuesday. We had his finger x-rayed again yesterday. It is still broken and he still has to have it taped for another month.



In case you missed it, this week I posted about:

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(Apple Picking)

Have a great weekend!


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