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September In Review

Friday, September 29, 2017


Literally every month I start to write a month in review post, I’m surprised that the month is ending! I mean, it’s the end of September already? Wow! Here’s a look at our September with Shoes To Shiraz and her monthly Month Review in Numbers Link Up!

Month Review In Numbers

Days The Kids Were Off From School – 3 plus 2 half days

Days We Were Away From Home – 1

Baseball Games Attended – 1
Omaha Storm Chasers vs Iowa Cubs


Mascots Simon Met – 2


Fireworks Shows Watched – 1


Parades Watched – 1

Candy Collected at Said Parade – That’d be a lot.


Festivals Attended – 1
Jewish Culture Fest

Posts About Travel – 4
Two Science Museums In NY | Cuba – Day Three | Random Road Trip Stops from PA to KY | San Diego – Sea World

Reviews Posted – 1
Stitch Fix

Books Reviewed – 3

Holidays Celebrated – 1 (Rosh Hashanah)

Apples Picked – 20?


Days Simon’s Hand Was In A Sling – 4 (Now his fingers are just taped together)

Items Checked Off Our Fall Bucket List – 4
Apple Picking | Try Making Caramel Apples | Rosh Hashanah | Eat Candy Corn


Items In My September Picture Folder – 200

Pictures Shared On Instagram – 16

Total Blog Posts – 19

Happy Almost October!