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Hooray, It’s Friday! Eclipse and Joy

Friday, August 25, 2017


Time for another Friday recap post!


Obviously the main event this week was the solar eclipse! I was really excited about it, but kind of freaking out due to the weather forecast. There was a huge storm that morning, but it cleared up before the time the eclipse began. I picked up the kids from school and Dave from work and we went to a location where we could see the totality. I didn’t have the correct lenses to photograph it how I would have liked, but here’s some of what we saw.

This one was taken on my phone, through the eclipse glasses.

Simon has so many fears…he was scared to look at the sun at all and ended up hiding in the car. The other kids thought it was awesome though! And our friends came to the same spot we went to, so we all got to watch together.


The clouds started coming in right when the sun was getting covered. I think you can see how it was getting darker here, although the clouds played a part in that too!

This is my favorite shot because you can see the reflection of how small the sun actually was at that point, and the clouds formed a heart shape!

I was excited about the 360 degree sunset effect because I love sunsets, but one side was super cloudy, so it was only really half the sky that looked like a sunset. Still cool though. The streetlights turned on too.

It got completely dark for about 30 seconds, I’d say, and then it started lightening up again. It was like all of sunset and sunrise in a minute’s time. We didn’t get to see the sun’s corona or the diamond ring effect because of the clouds, but otherwise it was a really cool thing to see.

The clouds weren’t actually this dark, but again you can see the reflection of the sliver of the sun!


DH8SoslWAAEbUC-.jpg large

I was super proud of my favorite singer this week. For his concert encore, Billy Joel acknowledged his Jewish identity by wearing a yellow star on his jacket. He did this in response to the neo-Nazi and white nationalism movement in America.


This happened before school started, but I figured I should include it before I forget about it. Remember my list of 10 things to complete this summer? We only finished 7 of them, and I only shared 6 of them (first, second). The 7th thing we tried was the make your own ice cream in a bag. It worked, but the boys didn’t like how it tasted.

DSC_9894  DSC_9896DSC_9897DSC_9898DSC_9899



A few of my blog friends are hosting a new Friday link up to go along with 5 Things Fridays – all about five things that are bringing you joy. So here is a mini list within a list of 5 things that brought me joy recently!

1. This week, two of my old friends texted me and it was fun chatting with them both!
2. The cutest picture of Zachary on his first day of pre-k popped up in my Facebook memories.


3. A lot of people in my life are either expecting babies or just had new babies. Yay babies!
4. I’ve been knitting a baby gift for Gabbie’s dance teacher (speaking of babies!) and I’ve remembered how much I love to knit.
5. Finding new mom blogs to follow is always fun. Here’s a great list I am currently checking out!


In case you missed it, this week I posted about:

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Have a great weekend!

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