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Dance Photos

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dance Photos

A few weeks ago, I took dance photos for Gabbie. She chose the locations and the poses and I was in charge of the camera! A lot of them came out very nice while some showed where I need improvement in my photography skills!

DSC_9586  DSC_9587 
DSC_9594  DSC_9596
DSC_9598  DSC_9599
DSC_9613  DSC_9614
DSC_9615  DSC_9616DSC_9618
DSC_9622  DSC_9623DSC_9625
DSC_9626  DSC_9627DSC_9628
DSC_9632  DSC_9635
DSC_9638  DSC_9639
DSC_9642  DSC_9643
DSC_9644  DSC_9651DSC_9653DSC_9654DSC_9656DSC_9657DSC_9660DSC_9661DSC_9663DSC_9664DSC_9665DSC_9666DSC_9668DSC_9670DSC_9671DSC_9673DSC_9674
DSC_9679  DSC_9682
DSC_9683  DSC_9686DSC_9685
DSC_9704  DSC_9706
DSC_9708  DSC_9710DSC_9712
DSC_9718  DSC_9717

What do you think? Which is your favorite?