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Zachary Is 10!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Today Zachary is 10 years old. I find this quite hard to believe! In honor of his birthday, I thought I would share the things his classmates wrote about him at the end of the school year two weeks ago.

“Zachary, he is very good with computers, Fitbits, and computers.”
“Zachary, you’re always in a good mood and I can spot when you get a haircut.”
”I’m proud of learning to write better.” – from himself.

“Zachary, I think it’s cool that you wear the same kippah every day.”
”Zachary, you always keep me company.”
”Zachary, you are super funny and make me laugh.”

“Zachary, you always have interesting things to tell about. Thank you for being you!”
”Zachary I like that you’re friendly and funny because you make me feel better.”

“Zachary, you always make cool inventions that I hope will come true.”
”I like how you pray because you pray nicely.”

“You are fun to play with because when we play you take other people’s ideas and sometimes agree.”
”If someone has a technological problem you are the first one to help.”

“Zachary, you’re funny and very nice, you always let me on the swing.”
“Zachary, you are a nice, helpful, funny, and hyper guy. That is cool.”

“You tell me a lot of interesting things. They give me more knowledge about things.”
”Zachary, you are a very nice and funny person, you always have something to say to make me laugh and smile about.”

“Zachary, you are very interesting and smart especially when it comes to the iPads.”
”Zachary, whenever I have a problem on the iPads, you come to fix it. You have been there to help whenever people have a problem.”

“Zachary, I like how funny you are. You make good jokes.”
”Zachary, you are so funny because you always brighten up my day.”

And his teacher wrote:
”Zachary, I have greatly enjoyed being your teacher this year. I will miss your stories and interesting facts about so many topics. I will also miss the smile that rarely leaves your face. You are a kind friend and a great student. You’ll be a terrific 5th grader. Have a wonderful summer!”

To summarize:
Zachary is funny.
He is very interesting and talks about interesting things.
He is good with technology, including Fitbits, computers, and iPads.
He is a good friend.
He is very helpful.

We had Zachary’s birthday party on Sunday. We did a volunteer project with The Giving Brick, an organization that provides Lego sets to children in need. This organization has tons and tons of Legos that they receive as donations. They clean them, sort them, sort them again, and resort them until they can recreate sets that they then donate to kids. We have volunteered with them in the past and thought it would be fun to have Zachary’s friend participate in a sort for his birthday party.


We got to sort out all types of Minifigure legs, bodies, and accessories!


And then we had cupcakes.


Happy Birthday to Zachary!