Not In Jersey: 91 Day Declutter Challenge–15 Items To Throw Away From Your Bathrooms 91 Day Declutter Challenge–15 Items To Throw Away From Your Bathrooms - Not In Jersey

91 Day Declutter Challenge–15 Items To Throw Away From Your Bathrooms

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Declutter Challenge - Bathrooms

As part of my decluttering project, I conquered 3 bathrooms. In doing so, I discovered such random things hiding in my cabinets that I decided I had to share these 15 things to throw away from your bathrooms, while also sharing my before and after photos!

Week-12-91-Day-Declutter-Challenge-s15 Items To Throw Away From Your Bathrooms

Master Bathroom

Corner of Counter  – Before.

To throw away:
1. Empty or almost empty containers.
2. Your daughter’s old hair ties that she left in your bathroom 3 years ago.

Corner of Counter – After.

Counter – Before.

Counter – After.

Drawer 1 – Before.

Drawer 1 – After.

Drawer 2 – Before.

To Throw Away:
3. Makeup you don’t use.

Drawer 2 – After.

Drawer 3 – Before.

To Throw Away:
4. All the floss you get at the dentist and never use. Keep a few.
5. Old mouthwash.

Drawer 3 – After.

Under Cabinet – Before.

Under Cabinet – After. (Yes, there are more after photos from the other side!)

DSC_5297  DSC_5301
Medicine Cabinet 1 – Before and After.

To Throw Away:
6. Old nail polish.
7. Nail polish colors you didn’t like the first time you tried them.

DSC_5298  DSC_5299
Medicine Cabinet 2 – Before and After.

To Throw Away:
8. Expired medicine.
9. Identical boxes with only one or two pills inside. Combine.
10. Baby nose sucker. No babies live here.

Guest Bathroom

Under The Sink – Before. (No real need for an after picture here!)

To Throw Away:
11. The potty chair your last child used 3 years ago.
12. Empty wipes containers you aren’t going to refill.
13. Hair accessories you haven’t used in years.

Kids’ Bathroom

Counter – Before and After.

To Throw Away:
14. Old toothbrushes.
15. Bath toys when all your children take showers (not pictured).

Now that you’ve thrown away your 15 items, you should be well on your way to decluttering your bathrooms!

How did I do?

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