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Girl Mom Box Swap Reveal #GirlMomBoxSwap17

Wednesday, March 29, 2017



A few of my blog friends and I got together to host a swap for moms of girls, specifically for the girls themselves! We asked the participants to send their partners a box of goodies and we tried to pair everyone up with a similar aged partner. Gabbie and I got to create a box for Emma, Johanna’s daughter, who is about a year younger than Gabbie. Gabbie took a day off of school on a day that we had a half day because I had to take her to get glasses, so on that day we also did our shopping for Emma! Although Emma sent Gabbie a box just a few days after we’d sent hers, it took a long time to get here – boo to the post office! But we finally got it this past Saturday.

DSC_5946  DSC_5949DSC_5950
Gabbie got a book of Harry Potter post cards to color, socks, a bag, nail polish, and a blank journal!

Socks went on!

Gabbie used the bag to take her things to her dress rehearsal for her first dance competition!

If you were a part of this swap, link up your posts here!

Thank you Johanna and Emma for the lovey swap package!