Not In Jersey: Proud Mom Moments–Winterims, Dance, Hebrew, and Pinewood Derby Proud Mom Moments–Winterims, Dance, Hebrew, and Pinewood Derby - Not In Jersey

Proud Mom Moments–Winterims, Dance, Hebrew, and Pinewood Derby

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Throughout this month, there have been a variety of occasions on which I felt like a proud mom. There’s this line from Parenthood where Crosby asks Adam what makes parenting worth it.  For me, part of that is feeling proud of their accomplishments.

It started the first week of January when Gabbie participated in our school’s middle and high school Winterims program. They get to choose from a variety of electives and instead of classes, they work on various skills such as writing, sewing, gaming, cooking, and more. At the end of the week there is a showcase which I attended and the kids were able to show off their new knowledge and creations.

Jewelry class – necklace and bracelet.

T-Shirt Quilt.

Knotted Blanket. One was also made for donation.

DSC_4985  DSC_4986
Pajama Pants.

That weekend, Gabbie’s dance competition team had their performance showcase. It was a chance for them to show each other their dances before the competitions begin. We also had a hair and makeup lesson before the performances!

DSC_5004  DSC_5005DSC_5015DSC_5017DSC_5018DSC_5019DSC_5020DSC_5024DSC_5025

The next exciting event was last week when Simon competed in the 1st and 2nd grade Hebrew Vocabulary Bee. He qualified for the bee when he got his words correct in the classroom round. There were 7 kids in each grade that qualified. We practiced the words at home, but one of his first round words was one he did not know, so he didn’t make it to round 2. I was still very proud of him!

DSC_5137  DSC_5145DSC_5146
DSC_5147  DSC_5148
DSC_5149  DSC_5152

Finally, this past weekend was the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. This is Zachary’s 4th year participating and Simon’s first as a Cub Scout – he has raced in the past as an “outlaw,” which Gabbie also does. It seems that every year the same family’s win the prizes, as they know how to make the fastest cars! My kids still have a good time with the decorating and hanging out with their friends on the day of the race!

Simon’s car – in the middle.

Zachary’s car.

Gabbie’s car.

Zachary helping to demonstrate how to be a good sport whether you win or lose!

I’m so proud of all three of my kids!