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It’s Okay #134

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


It’s okay…

…that the kids have a half day today due to Yom Kippur being tonight-tomorrow.

…that I won’t be online tomorrow because of Yom Kippur. Also, I think I’m skipping this month’s The Kids Behind The Blog questions because they are all about Halloween, which we don’t celebrate. I might come up with my own questions, or I might not.

…that I’m stressed out because Simon went to the dentist and he needs fillings and his teachers think he needs help with his writing – Zachary has major writing issues so this causes me a great deal of panic.

…that my friend helped me find a good exercise program that I am able to do at home and that I look forward to! It’s on 3 days of the week and I’m still going to the gym on the other days too.

…that I started reading Harry Potter to the kids. I’ve been waiting forever for this!

…that last week I had a Starbucks reward so I got some coffee. And I discovered that you can face swap with a Starbucks cup.


What’s okay with you this week?