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It’s Okay #133 and Fall Bucket List

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


It’s okay…

…to remind you to enter my giveaway for a LuLaRoe Carly if you haven’t yet!

…that I finally won a game of Fantasy Football, with big thanks to the Chiefs defense! Go Chiefs!

…that so far I’m keeping up with the Falling For Fall Photo Challenge!

Falling For Fall 1

…that speaking of fall, I created our fall bucket list after being inspired by so many of the bloggers I follow! I tried to make my own for about a minute, but then I searched for a template and found this one. After some editing issues, I managed to create a bucket list.



…that it’s actually been fall weather out these past few days!

…that the boys had to wear pants for the first time and I discovered that they need new ones badly.

…that next week is Rosh Hashanah.

…that I watched and loved both This Is Us and Pitch and can’t wait for the next episodes!

What’s okay with you this week?