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It’s Okay #131

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


It’s okay…

…that I’m starting week 3 of my diet healthier eating plan. I have lost weight but I have a lot more to go.

…that we’ve started putting together Gabbie’s new loft bed. Silly me thinking I could do it myself. I could barely finish the first step without Dave’s help.

…that I bought more Lularoe clothes. I keep entering giveaways and I won free shipping, so I had to order something! I’m actually going to have a giveaway here sometime soon, so stay tuned!

…that I lost the first week of Fantasy Football. No fun.

…that Simon had his first Cub Scouts meeting and he was so excited!

…that Zachary missed his first chess club meeting because he had a doctor’s appointment.

What’s okay with you this week?