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South Carolina–Rock Hill

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Rock Hill, SC is located outside of Charlotte, NC, and in order to check both states off of my list, it was an excellent location! (I also have a friend who lives there!) While my kids may have enjoyed swimming at the hotel pool all morning and playing with my friend’s dogs all afternoon, I decided we should also check out the attractions in the area.

Catawba Cultural Center

We visited the Cultural Center at the Catawba Indian Nation. The exhibits in the center are free of charge.


We also walked on the Cultural Center Trail which educates hikers while you are walking. We found a geocache on that trail!

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Museum of York County

After we had lunch in Charlotte, we headed to the Museum of York County, a natural history museum.

In the Naturalist Center, you can open drawers and discover more than 2000 specimens! The kids loved it. There are also models of various animals in the room.


The woman working in the room was excellent, and was joking with the kids that this pumice stone was very heavy. They thought it was hilarious!


This is a mural made of bottle caps:


There are various animals with antlers and horns lining the hallway leading to the African Animal exhibit.


There is also an exhibit that teaches about the Carolina Piedmont.


Finally, we watched a planetarium show. All in all, a great museum!

Glencairn Garden

Before we left town, we had to visit this famous park / garden. Glencairn Garden started as a backyard garden and is now 11 acres! The kids enjoyed running all over the trails and swinging on the bench swings, while I enjoyed taking pictures!


After the park, we were off to meet Dave at his work conference – more about that location next week!