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Hamburger Press From Cave Tools Review

Monday, April 4, 2016

One of my all time favorite foods is hamburgers, so I was super excited when Cave Tools offered me the opportunity to review their Hamburger Press. Instead of pressing one hamburger at a time, we could now make 6! And even better: they would be square shaped!

The Cave Tools Competitive Edge – Unique Square Burger Design, Perfectly Cooked Every Time, Save Extra Burgers For Later, Incredibly Easy To Use, Clean Up is a Breeze, Not Just For Burgers.

Dave is the burger maker in our house, but he let me supervise and take pictures!

This is what the inside of the burger press looks like. The bumps are dimples to keep the burgers flat and make them cook evenly.

You spread the meat out in the press. Dave used his hands. I personally would have used a spoon or other utensil!

Close the press – this is the top.

This separates the burgers into their individual sections. Dave put the press in the freezer for a bit before he popped out the burgers to cook them. (I have to tell you that I just accidentally typed “pooped” and luckily I realized it and changed it to “popped.”) You can also freeze burgers like this in the individual compartments and use them whenever you want. They will stay sealed in until you are ready for them.

Dave grilled our burgers with some steak and hot dogs.

They fill up a hamburger bun so nicely this way! They cooked nicely and thoroughly!

You can also use the press for freezing soups, stews, and chili into individual portions – I really like this idea and may try it out!

When we finished, we put our burger press in the dishwasher. Easy to use and easy to clean up!

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