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Open House, Purim Gifts, Police Station Visit

Monday, March 28, 2016

Although Tamar and I have been blog friends for quite awhile, I have never had the opportunity to participate in her Monday link-up until today. Every Monday she asks participants to share the good, random, fun they had in the past week. You can share words, photos, or a good random combination of the two! So, hopefully I do this right!

The Good:

Last week we had an open house in Simon’s kindergarten class. He had a checklist of things to show us in his classroom and the first one was for him to welcome his guest, so he ran up to me and said “Welcome!” It was highly adorable.

He had a letter to share with us:

Dear Mom and Dad, I learned time. I like time! I love Mom and Dad. Love, Simon.

He also shared some of his Hebrew work:

DSCN5069  DSCN5070
The page with his picture says his name and that he likes to write on the white board. He says his favorite letter is “yud” and he listed some words that start with yud – wine, green, and boy. On the second page he shared two foods he likes (ice cream and apples) and the blessings we say on those foods.

He also shared his time paper, which since he made here at home, I had already seen!


The Random:

On Thursday I told you about Purim and shared the gift bags we gave to our friends. Here are some of the ones we received:


The Fun:

Last week, Simon and I went with Zachary and the Cub Scouts to visit and learn about the police station. We got to visit the holding cells and see how un-fun it would be to have to spend time there as a punishment! However, the boys really had fun learning about it!

In the 2nd picture, I told them to act upset that they were in jail! Zachary just smiled!

Thanks Officer Policeman!

Did you have any Good, Random, Fun last week?