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Performance Team Dance

Monday, February 8, 2016

Last week, this year’s Performance Team had their first performance at the boys’ middle school basketball game. The team is much bigger this year with a lot of our younger friends having joined! I really enjoy their dances but often times I view them through my camera, while focusing mostly on Gabbie, and not on the others. At least I know there will be more times that I will see them perform the same dance!

DSCN4685DSCN4688DSCN4689DSCN4690  DSCN4693DSCN4694  DSCN4695DSCN4699DSCN4700DSCN4703DSCN4706DSCN4707DSCN4708DSCN4714DSCN4715

I love how high Gabbie is jumping in that last one!