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Simon Says

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Simon is 5 years plus 5 months old and he is the funniest kid. Here are some of the things he has said to make me laugh recently!

“Why is it called a toilet if it is not a toy that is lit?”

Me: “First I’ll get you ready and then I’ll help Zachary.”
Simon: “No, first help me and then me and then Mr. Nobody, and then Zachary.”

IMG_1372[1]  IMG_1373[1]
“My minion’s name is Simon Junior.”

“I ate Pirate Booty so now I’m a pirate. Arr!”

When I woke him for school in the morning: “It’s as dark as a monkey outside!”

When making a video: “This is Simon dot com!”

“This car is from the 90’s. No, it’s from 2004. Is that a long time ago?”

Me: “I heard someone say they saw a snowflake that looked like…”
Simon: “A hippo on a boat?”

A hippo on a boat? What an imagination!