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Toy and Miniature Museum

Monday, November 2, 2015

One of my very first blog posts here was from October 2010 when Gabbie and I visited the Toy and Miniature Museum. Last week, we finally went back to visit again, this time also bringing Simon and Zachary with us. Simon was a little less interested than the others, but he liked the interactive parts, and everyone liked seeing toys that either we own or friends of ours own.

The center of the museum is comprised of a column sculpture of all kinds of toys and games.

DSCN3890  DSCN3936DSCN3950DSCN3938

We checked out the miniatures first.


There are dollhouses in this section too.

DSCN3898  DSCN3900

Here, you can look at the miniatures in microscopes and with magnifying glasses.


DSCN3946  DSCN3948DSCN3949

There is currently an exhibit featuring ride-on cars, called Pedal To The Metal.


Next, we got to see the toys!

Zachary was learning how plastic trucks are made.

This is a life sized marble game.

Here, they are using a decoder to solve a code.

More toys!

DSCN3937  DSCN3939DSCN3940  DSCN3941

Gabbie is already talking about taking various family members here when they visit!