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Monday, July 6, 2015

Science and Nature Camps

For the second week of camp, Zachary attended the same camp as Gabbie. In the morning, he did science while she learned all about babysitting, and in the afternoon they both did nature camp (they did this last year as well and it is a great program!).

I attended the open houses for all 3 subjects, starting out in Zachary’s science class. The week’s theme was weather and Zachary learned all about hurricanes, tornadoes, clouds, rainbows, etc. The class watched weather videos featuring my brother – he is a meteorologist at the Weather Channel.

DSCN2366  DSCN2367DSCN2368DSCN2369
This is Zachary’s tornado in a bottle.

Rainbow art.

Babysitting open house was mainly just a discussion of the things they learned in class. The afternoon nature camp open house was just as fun as I remembered, with plenty of animals to see and touch!

Look at that snake!

I think that’s a different snake.

DSCN2376DSCN2378  DSCN2382DSCN2383
The little turtles are so cute!

This guy is creepy.

DSCN2388DSCN2389DSCN2390  DSCN2402DSCN2391
Birds are fun.

DSCN2392  DSCN2393DSCN2394DSCN2395DSCN2396
The rabbit is a favorite.

DSCN2397  DSCN2398DSCN2399


Oh look, a ferret!

DSCN2404  DSCN2406DSCN2407DSCN2408DSCN2409
And finally, a hedgehog.

It makes me happy that my kids love animals and they really enjoyed their week of camp!


Janine Huldie said...

Aw, love that they did enjoy their week of camp and definitely some cute animals indeed there ;)

tamarsb said...

What fun programs for them to do - the babysitting class sounds great!

Echo (The Mad Mommy) said...

Science and nature camps are so cool! I love learning experiences that are fun!

MilitaryWifeandPugLife said...

Oh gah that snake! My husband would freak out!
Your brother is on the weather channel? Now that is cool!

Dara said...


Dara said...

Gabbie did enjoy it!

Dara said...

same here!

Dara said...

I certainly don't like snakes in the wild, but this one was kind of cool!

Kimberley Tobin said...

Omigosh the snake! You've got some brave kids! I would have loved the ferret and the hedgehog!