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Love Thy Neighbor As They Selfie #UnselfishStories

Friday, May 8, 2015


How many selfies do you take each day? Do you feel successful or fulfilled based on how many likes your selfies receive? We live in a world that isn’t often known for it’s kindness…because of this, Paul D. Parkinson decided to put together a book that instead of focusing on self-promotion, focuses on service to others.

Unselfish contains 99 inspiring stories of people putting others before themselves. Each story is accompanied by beautiful photography, making this the ideal coffee table book. Everyone is trying to get noticed. Selfies are taking over the internet. Selfish behavior seems to be at an all time high. But there are people who do Unselfish things everyday. Acts of kindness that no one notices. Extraordinary sacrifices that don't go viral. This book celebrates just a few of the unsung stories of regular people and celebrities alike going against the grain and helping their fellow man. From high school football players helping a special needs girl fit in, to a police officer feeding a hitchhiker and her dog, to a Hollywood producer leaving behind a 6-figure job to help children in Cambodia, the true stories in this book will restore your faith in humanity. And maybe, just maybe, will inspire thousands of people to turn their cameras the other way and look for someone they can help. Unselfish will reignite your faith in humanity and may just inspire you to ‘love thy neighbor as thy selfie.’”


Some of the people in the book I have actually heard of before, like SuEllen Fried, known as the Prison Grandma, who lives locally to me and has visited every prison in Kansas. Others I am reading about for the first time. All of the stories are inspiring and appropriate to share with the whole family.

On the Unselfish Stories website you can submit your own Unselfish Story – it should be everyone’s goal to be able to submit their own story – or stories of unselfish acts they have heard, witnessed, or been the recipient of! If we all do, maybe the next version of this book will contain 999 stories instead of 99!

Have you done or received any unselfish acts recently?